Narrowing the Focus

Maps of Severe Crimes

Given that our previous analysis indicated that higher crime rates tended to be concentrated in areas with lower poverty rate and unemployment rate and higher median income, which is the opposite of what we hypothesized, we wanted to investigate the geographic distribution of the most severe crimes for each of the attributes. We reasoned that the most severe crimes would occur in areas that have higher unemployment rate, poverty rate, and food insecurity rate and with lower median income. 

Unemployment Rate by Type of Crime

Poverty Rate by Type of Crime

Median Income by Type of Crime

Food Insecurity Rate by Type of Crime

We plotted the crime by location (longitude/latitude), with the color indicating the rate of food insecurity, poverty, or unemployment or the median income and the size of the point indicating the crime rate. For maps of severe crimes only, we only plotted crimes that we considered to be the most serious offenses. We based the severity of the crime based on amount of bodily harm, so the plots only included homicides, assaults with a weapon, and sex abuse. We also created maps with homicide only, which we deemed were the most severe offenses.

When we plotted all the crimes on the map, the crimes were concentrated in populated areas. However, when we only plotted the severe crimes, there seems to be more crimes in the areas with lower incomes, particularly Ward 7 and 8, compared to more affluent areas. The crimes that were present in the areas of higher income and lower food insecurity, poverty, and unemployment rate do not appear on these maps. This indicates that focusing on more severe crimes for our analysis may be more useful than including all crimes, given the large majority of crimes that occur in the more affluent areas of DC are what we considered to be more petty crimes, which are likely the reason why crime rates are much higher in more populated areas. According to these visualizations, more severe crimes may be more prominent in more impoverished regions.